Fiber laser

Fiber Lézer

The 20W Fiber Laser is a really efficient laser marking device, it can mark and engrave a large scale of materials:
Steel, aluminum, yellow brass and red copper, plastics, paper, silver, gold, painted surfaces and other materials without any surface treatment.
It offers an efficient and very fast product marking in industrial and retail use as well.
Simple and practical material placement methods can be choosen, this machine is really multifaceted with the optional accessories.

Type of the laser: Raycuslaser Marking scope of the laser (factory default): 100 x 100 mm
Output power: 20W Maximum marking scope (with optional Theta lens): 300 x 300 mm
Speed of marking: 7000 mm/s Repetition accuracy: ±0.003mm
Cooling system: Air cooling Minimum marking width: 0.01mm
Workspace size: 300 x 220 mm Movement of the workspace: X,Y
Modulation frequency: 20kHz~80kHz Electrical parameters: 0.5KW/AC220V/50Hz~60Hz
Capable of photographic marking: yes Wave length of the laser: 1064nm
Resolution of the laser: 0.001mm Net weight: 58kg

Applicable for:


Electrical fixtures

Steel tools

Ceramic tools

Ring-like devices

LED lightbulbs